Reminiscence Over A Cup Of Coffee

She stood still and dilatory

In action and barely a word

Such was the glimpse she caught

That left her in awe and stirred.


The next day followed

By a kaleidoscope of butterflies

Forming in her gut; if only she knew

If only she realized

Every time she stole a glance

Her heart would skip a beat

Even on gloomy, grey days

She was found upbeat.

One fine day, Realization hit her hard

Her happiness and reason thereof–

It was pure and transcendent

It was nothing but love.

Years later, as she was missing someone lately

She couldn’t comprehend who

But today, it rang a few bells

As she made her coffee brew.

Achingly beautiful it is how

Some people enter our lives in tiptoe

Serve their purpose, etch a picture

In our hearts and then go.


Window Side

Sitting by a window,

I got ideas I wouldn’t ordinarily have. 

Like a desire to hit the road.

Tinkering with every chance I got.

Being a johnny-come-lately  at that. 

Lo! These anticipated arrival of thoughts. 

With every breath,

I released all the emotions I had. 

For there are feelings I can never express.

Every person I thought I couldn’t do without.

But I did. 

Every page I bookmarked.

Every monologue I thought was mine.

Every song that hit me home.

Every fear hidden in me.

Every inanimate object I was attached to.

God! All I could was ramble on about them. 

As I looked out,sitting by my room’s window. 

Knotty Knots

As a beautiful French braid adorned my hair,I sank into thoughts. Glancing in the mirror ,those tiny knots piqued my interest.

From our first experience with knots – while analysing how to tie our shoelaces.
To our arms looped around our partner’s neck. Another knot.
Grandma’s beautifully knitted sweater. 
A surgeon’s stitch. And, so on.
From a simplistic appeal a granny knot offers to more intricate,and sophisticated designs,knots are indeed intriguing.

And, aren’t our lives a little tricky?

Knotty? (Pun intended)

Or,sometimes we make them so.

Tied down with responsibilities,we have a lot to juggle.

Connected with loved ones,by fragile threads. Liable to break if we don’t hold them taut enough.

Touched by many a lives and making our own life interweave with theirs.

Getting unified.


A beautiful labyrinth of relationships. Of journeys. Experiences.

Lo! How these knotty knots held my attention.

Are you listening?

You belittle that inner voice, or you do not listen to it in the first place.
It pipes up and insinuates that something is probably wrong,but you ignore it;believing in everything that is purporting otherwise.

Sometimes that voice speaks the very thing that the doctor ordered, and silently,’cause it knows what’s best for you.
What’s worth loving and doing, will never feel wrong.
And, if it feels wrong, then probably,it’s wrong.
That very voice knows who’s worth loving and caring for,till the bitter end, and who is not. Listen to it. Trust your instincts. Trust your scruples.
Listen to that tiny inner voice. 🙂

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You are just a SONG away

Isn’t it funny how we humans can go to any extent just to forget the bitter truth?

If you can relate,you will probably strike a chord with this- Music as a respite,starting from a terrible heartache to just-one-of-those-things,it has always somehow managed to stand out as a better option.

What actually makes a certain song ‘a companion enough for you’? Many would say,the lyrics. Yes,they are right.If you haven’t yet learnt a hard way in something, it’s the lyrics of a song that knocks some sense into you.It’s the lyrics that makes you instantly connect with a song.Sometimes making you summon up a smile and sometimes,leaving you teary eyed.

It takes a song to make some blurry memories seem like it’s yesterday.Memories that don’t dull up with time.That one song which reminds you of bae.That snappy track which makes you jaunt down a memory lane. Aren’t you already smiling?

Better still,sometimes all one needs,is a right song to make some undesirable feeling seem imperceptible. That actually reminds me of my favourite Eminem track which always peps me up whenever I happen to be in a downer.It’s like you owe those songs your smile,those songs which the doctor ordered for you.

It goes without saying,music is a form of escapism.Next time you feel like almost giving up on your life,remember you are just a SONG away.